Hello Members.

A brief update on what is happening at your Club.

We all understand the pressures applied to us during these times of uncertainty in dealing with our day to day change of habits due to Covid19. What is extremely pleasing to see is that at least on this side of the State, people are adhering, monitoring and changing their behaviours to ensure a safe and healthy environment. Our hearts go out to those who may have friends or loved ones who are finding it difficult, but I know that in true fashion, you would be assisting them in any way possible to broach the hurdle.

As you are aware there are restrictions upon the Club and its functions, however the pleasing aspect is that we can still play socially on course so long as the current social distancing rule is applied. At time of writing this, the rule is a maximum of 18 players on our course at any one time, i.e.. A pairing of 2 players per hole. And from my observations, this rule is working very well with those who have participated for practice and exercise.

With anything, there is still the ongoing work that needs to be done to ensure the golf course remains available to members for their enjoyment. Course maintenance has continually been a function completed by a dedicated small band of volunteers and our appreciation to those by all members should be forthright in our minds. The course is looking immaculate at present, what with the recent rains together with weed eradication programs and fertiliser spreading, grass is looking good.

However, with our income revenue streams taking a huge hit due to the restrictions in operations, and the costs associated with continuing course maintenance, including equipment purchases, the Clubs financial balances will be suffering a little, but we do expect that we will see our way clear and still be in a relatively strong position when we are allowed to operate as normal once restrictions subside.

We certainly will have a well-presented golf course that we can all be proud to say we are members.

I must mention a couple of things,

              One of our long-term members recently had her 80th birthday, congratulations Alison D.

              And it is good to see Malcolm up and about again after his recent health scare.

Stay safe everyone, keep in contact by phone, social media or skype with friends and family, even to just say hello.

Cheers for now

Chris Howell